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Bulk Material Handling Systems

RTS offers complete services in design of Bulk Material Handling Systems. Tailor-made solutions are provided to clients after understanding the requirements and conducting site study depending upon the material to be conveyed and various other factors. The best possible layout of equipments is prepared keeping reduction of material cost as the main parameter. At the same time, no compromise with quality and performance is acceptable.

Service are offered in,

  • Site study
  • Deciding Equipments
  • Layout Design
  • General layout preparation
  • General Arrangement of Individual Equipments
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Bill of Quantity

Steel & RCC Structures

Design and detailing of steel structure is another area of specialization for RTS. Using STAAD, design analysis of members is carried out from the load data and other design parameters. The sequence of preparation of fabrication drawings starts from ‘Marking Plan’ based on the design data provided by the client, in which identification of each member takes place. Bracing details are prepared before starting the column and floor beam detailing. Properties of steel pertaining to the international standards like BS, DIN are available with RTSPL.

Consultancy services are offered in,

  • Design and Analysis of structures;
    The client needs to provide the conceptual drawing which contains the equipment layout and overall building sizes, equipment details as well as loading details, soil and seismic data for the design of the structures. 3-Dimensional structural detailing may be provided after completion of the structural analysis, incase required.
  • Shop Drawings;
    The shop drawings are prepared using “StruCad” or “Autocad” software which enables RTSL to provide faster and accurate output to the clients. Preparation of ‘Shop drawings’ starts upon receipt of approval of the design from the client and may be prepared according to client’s drafting standards such as layer & color settings, line weights etc. In cases where no such specifications are provided, normal in-house standards are followed.
  • Bill of Quantity
    Bill of quantity is provided with every detail shop drawing and separate sheets may be provided in case required.

RCC Structures

Consultancy services are offered in preparation of bar bending schedules. The bar bending schedule is prepared using CAD-RC software which enables RTSPL to provide faster and accurate output to the clients. Irrespective of the project size or the needs, RTSPL is capable of handling major projects in structural and civil design We can undertake work for

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial Building
  • Structural Repairs and Rehabilitations
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Steel Structures
  • Special Structures

Reverse Engineering Services

The process of updating old drawings by incorporating the modifications/additions/ omissions after conducting site survey of existing plants is called Reverse Engineering. The modifications are marked on the old drawings available with the client, during the site survey and based on those drawings fresh drawings have been made on CAD. RTS has a team of technical people well experienced in such activities.

Services Offered

  • Physical verification & Preparation of Sketches
    Old drawings of the plant/site which are available with the client are verified with the actual plant/site dimensions and additions/omissions/modifications are marked in the existing layout. Qualified and experienced engineers are deputed by RTSL for this work. Incase client does not have any drawings of the existing plant, RTSL can generate fresh drawings. Sketches are prepared according to the existing site/plant conditions during verification.
  • Final Drawings
    Final drawings are prepared after physical verification. The output will be prepared in AutoCAD format. Drawings then are submitted to the plant/site engineer for approval and upon receipt of approval, final output are submitted.

CAD Conversion Services

Client requirement of conversion of old drawings into electronic format are done by different methods. One method is the 1:1 reproduction of the available drawing in electronic format like AutoCAD and the other method is vectorisation. The raster images of existing drawings are prepared using a scanner and then cad drawings are prepared upon these images. RTSL has a team of well experienced cad operators in cad conversion and has all the in-house facilities to handle any volume of work.

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