Our Manufacturing facility is located at Hindupur (90 kms from Bangalore, India). The plant is equipped with state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities to enable us deliver the best products to you in the least possible time. The plant is spread over an area of 32,000 sq. mtrs. (8 Acres) and has dedicated manufacturing facilities and various CNC SPMs to produce large conveyor and conveyor components like Idlers, Base Frames etc.

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Photo Gallery:

Hindupur Factory The Lawns
CNC SPM Roller Assembly Machine
CNC Station Dynamic Balancing
Pulley Machining Roller Welding SPM
Shot Blasting Plant Painting Line
Pipe Cutting Pulley Packing
Robotic Welding Shell Rolling
Dust Testing Water Testing
Pipe Stock Friction Testing
Stress Relieving Furnace Packed Rollers

Key Manufacturing facilities include:

  • CNC Double Head Pipe Simultaneous Boring Machines
  • SPM for bearing housing machining
  • Robotic CO2 Welding Machines
  • Hydraulic Horizontal Assembly Machines
  • Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press
  • Idler Freeing machines
  • Shot Blasting Plant
  • Series of Lathe machines, maximum length of 7 meters
  • Shell Rolling machine
  • Stress Reliving Furnace
  • Dynamic Balancing machines
  • Various types of welding and fabrication equipment
  • Various types of drilling machines
  • Profile cutting, Pug cutting etc
  • Battery of slicing machines imported from Germany and USA
  • Test bed for Shuttle Trial run and Assembly
  • Screw Flight formation machines.

Key Testing facilities include:

  • Friction Testing Machine.
  • Water/Slurry Ingress Testing Machine.
  • Dust Ingress Testing Machine.
  • Break Off Force Testing Equipment
  • Axial Float Checking Device
  • Thickness Testers
  • Hardness testing equipment for rubber rings
  • Vibration Testing.
  • Dye Penetration testing